Continuous Delivery for eCommerce Applications

Test and rollout changes to eCommerce applications in one click 
with managed cloud pipeline environments

Application Delivery, Re-imagined

eCommerce platforms are sophisticated mission-critical systems that must deliver a phenomenal user experience across all channels, process thousands of product searches per second, and withstand a massive surge of traffic on Black Friday. They also have to rapidly evolve to keep up with industry innovations. Tonomi radically simplifies and accelerates the development, testing and deployment of eCommerce applications for the biggest eCommerce sites in the world.

Ratnakar Lavy, CTO of Kohl’ speaking about the transformational power of continuous delivery with
Victoria Livschitz, CEO of Tonomi, during keynote address to CloudExpo, Silicon Valley 2014.

Best-of-Breed Cloud Commerce Service from Grid Dynamics with Fujitsu, Oracle, AWS and Tonomi

Grid Dynamics and Fujitsu teamed up to create best-of-breed commerce platform, 
highly optimized for agility and performance and delivered as a fully-managed cloud service.


Oracle Commerce as-a-Service

Oracle Commerce is a powerful, best-in-class commerce engine chosen by many leading retail sites. However, it is also notoriously difficult to configure, provision and upgrade in-house. Now you can simply spin-up test environments and rollout changes to production with a click using dedicated, fully-managed cloud infrastructure.

Optimized Hybrid Cloud: Fujitsu + AWS

We've combined flexible AWS cloud infrastructure ideal for commerce front end and middleware with powerful Fujitsu servers for heavy-duty database processing. The result is a highly-optimized hybrid solution
Fujitsu M10: high-performance, scalable SPARC/Solaris DB servers;
AWS: dynamic application environments.

Built-in Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Lack of test environments for regression, integration and performance testing is the leading reason for long release cycles. We've integrated Tonomi self-service dashboard with Jenkins, Nexus and Selenium Grid to let your team spin-up test environments on-demand, seamlessly test the latest changes and safely push them to production.

Managed Production Environments

Grid Dynamics support team provides all day-to-day operations of your commerce production environments: 
- Helpdesk and incident management;
- Monitoring and remediation;
- Change management, security and more.


Plug-and-Play eCommerce Component Store

Find many pre-packaged components that are used in your existing commerce systems on Tonomi Bazaar, including:

Trusted, available and secure

Security and availability is designed into every facet of Tonomi architecture and operations to help keep the world’s largest corporations safe. 

  • SOC 2 compliant
  • Highly available control fabric
  • Highest-in-class portal availability SLAs
  • Premium and custom support plans available

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