Best-of-Breed Cloud Commerce Platform with Fujitsu, Oracle, AWS and Tonomi

Retailers have never faced more complexity in meeting rapidly changing market needs than they do today. Digital services are increasingly integral to the shopping experience, making time-to-market critical for maintaining a competitive edge and meeting consumer demand. Gaining market share and consumer loyalty require the ability to experiment with new ideas and quickly develop to deliver new applications and features seamlessly across multiple channels, without hesitation or downtime. Yet, the majority of retailers are hampered by manual IT processes and legacy platforms that can hold back innovation by months, or even years.

Designed by Grid Dynamics and Fujitsu

Grid Dynamics and Fujitsu teamed up to create the best-of-breed cloud commerce platform for retail that integrates together the best-in-class software, hardware and services into a single product and delivers optimal performance, flexibility and convenience. 

The Oracle Commerce Platform, delivered as a cloud service, combines Fujitsu M10 SPARC Servers running Oracle Solaris and AWS elastic server infrastructure with Tonomi autonomic application management technology from Grid Dynamics to give retailers the speed and flexibility they need to innovate, quickly spin up new projects and push experimental features and applications to production at a fast pace. Offered as a subscription service for the first time, the Grid Dynamics and Fujitsu solution empowers retailers on day one, bringing together the benefits of the latest advances in technology for rapid digital innovation.

Oracle Commerce Technology, Delivered as-a-Service

The Oracle Commerce Platform is trusted by industry leaders to manage omnichannel experiences, personalization, search, navigation and promotions in time with market changes. It is highly adjustable and can quickly expand to accommodate new touchpoints. Some of the largest retailers trust Oracle Commerce Platform to power their sites. 

However, the Oracle Commerce Platform is notoriously difficult to configure, deploy, tune, manage and operate by in-house teams, leading to long implementation and upgrade cycles. Now the same powerful commerce software is available as a cloud service, pre-configured for instantaneous availability, yet fully customizable by the in-house development teams. It even includes fully-managed continuous delivery pipeline environments for development and testing of new features.

Fujitsu M10 SPARC Servers for Optimal Reliability and Performance

Fujitsu M10 Servers offer optimal performance for Oracle databases to deliver high-volume transactions, real-time analytic processing, and the reliability and scalability needed to avoid system failure under the heaviest workloads and spikes in retail demand.  Fujitsu M-10 servers feature numerous innovations, including software-on-the-chip feature that builds the support for database operations right into the processor design.  Mature SPARC/Solaris operating platform had demonstrated an unparalleled track record of performance, flexibility and reliability that is so critical to retailers during the year’s heaviest holiday traffic. Each customer gets a dedicated server infrastructure running is a secured datacenter and managed by Grid Dynamics/Fujitsu personnel.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Development, Testing and Production

AWS is the industry’s oldest and most successful cloud provider that turned infrastructure into a true utility, enabled dynamic consumption of resource and pay-per-use economic model, and all together made “the cloud” into the preferred new way to develop, deliver and run applications. AWS is used in our system to run all computations, with exception of production Oracle databases. Specifically, AWS hosts: Web Logic application servers, Endeca servers, ATG servers, and all supporting middleware. In production, all systems are running in highly available configurations that can be scaled and upgraded on-demand. For development and testing, all systems are running in simplified configurations optimized for cost and dynamic provisioning.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Tonomi Autonomic Application Management Platform

Any code change that is pushed by developers goes through a rigorous validation pipeline, which includes multiple steps to assure that applications continue to perform properly with the latest changes. Designing, testing and rolling out software changes is a 24x7 operation for retail engineering teams. Grid Dynamics’ own Tonomi application management technology ensures that application environments are created, configured, and changed in response to pipeline events, or changes within dynamic cloud environments. Right out-of-the-box, customers have immediate access to a complete pre-configured pipeline consisting of

Single Product, Single Price, Single Support Channel

This cloud offering combines software, hardware, hosting, application and infrastructure support into a single product that is billed as a single product and operated by a single team.

Extensions, Customizations and Development Services

Nearly all customers require some degree of customizations and extensions to the basic configuration; some require substantial customizations and custom integration with in-house processes and tools. Grid Dynamics provides a rich set of consulting and professional services to address each customer’s needs. We also have a significant professional services organization focused on ecommerce application development, testing and devops services that can be deployed to deliver application projects end-to-end, from the initial requirements analysis to successful launch.

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