Digital Commerce Innovation Demands Agility and Control

Retailers are under immense pressure to innovate faster. Working with them over the past fifteen years, we’ve come to intimately understand their challenges. With the explosion of digital touch points and the expectation of a unified experience throughout a shopper’s journey across the channels, retailers must innovate at an unprecedented pace while performing flawlessly even as traffic peaks.

To maintain their edge, retailers must experiment with new ideas by deploying new apps and features 24/7. Industry leaders, like Amazon, Staples, Walmart and Zappos are already developing features faster than web startups do. However, most retailers are still hampered by the complexity of IT systems and processes that can hold back innovation by months or even years.

Challenges that hamper agile transformation are numerous:
•   Fragile legacy systems that are not designed for rapid change
•   Unexpected outages that cripple revenue under peak workloads and traffic
•   Insufficient infrastructure that does not scale with the needs of the business
•   Misconfigurations caused by manual changes in application environments
•   Inefficient communication between development, security, and operation teams

Increasingly, accelerating digital innovation requires retailers to look beyond their own walls to gain the infrastructure flexibility needed to support agility behind new software projects.

Grid Dynamics and Fujitsu are working together to solve the challenges faced by innovative retailers. Together we are announcing a fully-managed cloud commerce platform based on Oracle Commerce Platform. The solution is differentiated by Fujitsu M10 Servers running Oracle Solaris for optimal scalability and performance, and Tonomi autonomic application management technology for developer self-service and enterprise governance.

Why is this important? The solution:

•       Empowers retailers to rapidly develop, automatically test and release new digital services and features through Tonomi self-service portal
•       Provides an end-to-end continuous release pipeline for digital retail, from development to production
•       Improves availability, performance and uptime with record-breaking Fujitsu M10 Server hardware
•       Reduces the risk of change through application automation and highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure

By working together, and combining these specialized technologies in one package as a subscription service for the first time, we’re putting retailers in the driver’s seat on day one, and eliminating integration headaches, time and costs inherent with acquiring infrastructure and hiring new DevOps teams.

It’s an exciting new world for retailers and the future of digital innovation looks promising. Come test drive the new solution live next week at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in the Fujitsu booth (Moscone South #901).

By Victoria Livschitz

21 October, 2015

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