Autonomic Management of Cloud Applications

Imagine if your applications could start themselves up,
upgrade to the latest version, scale on demand and adapt
to changes in their environments. Now they can.

Tonomi helps your technology manage itself

Web Technologies


Big Data Analytics


eCommerce Platforms


How an autonomic system works

Smart enough to operate itself


With Tonomi, your applications will configure themselves according to with high-level policies defined by administrators. When a new application is launched, it will bootstrap itself, integrate into the system, and the system will adapt to its presence.


Application environments constantly change. Sometimes those changes cause things to break. With Tonomi, your application will detect potentially harmful changes and automatically take preventive actions or restore itself back to health.


Tonomi empowers your application to continuously optimize itself. For example, an application may decide to parallelize operations, pick the best resource or upgrade itself.


Tonomi ensures that only right people can access the right data at the right time. Your application will take actions to make itself less vulnerable to attacks on its runtime infrastructure and data.

Founders on what matters to developers and operations

Tonomi CTO Victoria Livschitz comments on the importance of developer self-service [3:27]

Tonomi founder and chief product officer Stan Klimoff discusses how to bridge the gap between developers and operations [2:00]

Use Cases

Developer focused

1Self-service test environments

With a single click, Tonomi lets you launch any application as a private sandbox and dispose of it when you're done. Your application will figure out how to construct the right sandbox on demand. 

Operations focused

3Continuous live upgrades

When changes are ready to be rolled out, Tonomi safely re-configures affected applications as the system adapts to changes, whether it be a major system-wide upgrade or an incremental update.

2Continuous delivery

Tonomi ensures that the right build had been tested in the right environments as the new release moves down the CICD pipeline while automatically maintaining a change log for audit and compliance.

4Visibility of configuration changes

Amidst a constant stream of upgrades, patches, scaling or failover events, Tonomi lets administrators know the state of any configuration at any time, track the changes and share application status with colleagues.

Tonomi impact is truly transformational

Before After
Spinup new environment Days Minutes
Responsible party Specialists Anyone
Frequency of testing Before release Every build
Upgrade scope Entire system Individual changes
Upgrade window Hours Minutes
Upgrade frequency Weeks Few per day
Support personnel Growth YOY 80% reduction

“Agility is a critical element of our success. Tonomi enables us to test and deploy new features continuously, even for complex
big data-driven applications.”

Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation, RingCentral

Tonomi Pricing Plans

No risk. No lock-in. No cost for a comprehensive base product.

Tonomi Express


VMs: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Clouds: AWS

Controllers: Shared, limited capacity

Support: Forums

Tonomi Business

From $799/mo

VMs: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Clouds: AWS, OpenStack

Controllers: Dedicated controllers, pricing based on capacity

Support: Forums, email

Availability SLA: 99.95%

Flexible upgrade plans: Depends on the number of controllers and their capacity.

Tonomi Enterprise


VMs: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Clouds: AWS, OpenStack, vCenter

Controllers: Dedicated controllers, unlimited capacity

Support: Custom

Availability SLAs: Custom

Integration and customizations:
Architectural consulting, professional services, extensive integration and custom adapters are available on request.

Additional clouds: Custom cloud
adapters created upon request.

We offer a simple upgrade plan as your usage increase and flexible enterprise plans to accommodate complex and specialized requirements.

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